[MUST WATCH VIDEO]New Male S#x Dolls With Bionic Penises May Just Replace Men For Good!


Realistic looking babies, s#x dolls and women made of plastic have been the talk around town for a while now. Today, women are equally as fascinated by them.

Companies like “Real Doll” have mastered the art of making realistic s#x dolls and now are going to make male s#x dolls as well. These male s#x dolls will be battery powered and they can be charged for as long as you want them to last.


With the new technology, these s3x dolls will be able to respond to verbal dialog – and will also be able to simply outperform any other s3x toy and most probably your partner too! – Come on, its a robot.

At the moment, they are calling it the “ultimate pleasure experience”, but at the same time, you may wonder where exactly are we headed. These s3x dolls with bionic penises may just want you to not feel the need for real men. However, with cellphones replacing communication and robots replacing s3x – is this going to help our already isolated lives?

These robot male s#x dolls are so smart, that they are packaged as the ultimate boyfriends too. They can indulge into conversations – so much so, that they will even have a backstory (a past).

Women will be able to do whatever they want to do with these dolls, unlike tricking men into doing something – for instance go out, have s#x 5 nights a week or not at all.

Is this something you could use?

The video below will fascinate you, make you want the doll too and basically, let all your girlfriends know about it as well!

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