LEAKED VIDEO:The Illuminati Plan to Fake The Return of Jesus

Using the power of technology, it is possible to create and project a hologram of objects and people. The technology is called Project Blue Beam, and The Illuminati want to use it to fake the return of Jesus Christ. This sort of thing has been done before to project a hologram of the Turkish Prime Minister, and also of dead rapper, Tupac Shakur. Fake Return of Jesus Planned by The Illuminati

Not just content with the visual aspects of the trick to making people believe the religious figure is back The Illuminati also want to use what is known as the Microwave Hearing Effect to make people hear voices which appear to be genuinely coming from within their own heads. Of course, the voices aren’t really inside each’s head. Also referred to as the Microwave Auditory Effect, it projects energy waves. Those energy waves are demodulated in to sound waves inside the ear so you can hear them but can’t make out which direction they are coming from, cleverly tricking the individual. Think this is just fiction? You’re wrong, there is even a patent for it, which is U.S. Patent number 6,470,214.

This sort of thing is actually nothing new. Back in the 1990s the Government of the United States of America talked about using Project Blue Beam and the Microwave Hearing Effect in Iraq to project the image of Allah and make it appear as if he was talking to the Iraqi people. It has also been proposed to fake an alien invasion in order to help give the economy in the United States a little boost! Sounds crazy but it’s true.

The Illuminati Won’t Definitely Use This Technology

There is no guarantee that the The Illuminati will use this tech to trick the masses. They could even just say it plain as day and hope people believe them if they say that they are the true keepers of the Royal Secret, which is supposedly at the very top of the hierarchy of The Illuminati.


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