Woman beaten to death by her husband, after covering up years of abuse


A man has been taken into custody after investigators were told that he had beaten his wife severely to the head several days ago, and which eventually resulted in her death.

According to information reaching  this publication,  the now dead woman, 58-year-old Janette Tahal , and her husband; Joseph Tahal 60, were involved in an argument on Sunday last at their Lot 95 Smithfield home, when he allegedly took a piece of wood and dealt her several lashes to the head.

She was subsequently picked up in a semi-conscious state by a friend who was visiting the home at the time and taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where she was initially stabilized.

But after her conditioned began to worsen, doctors made a decision to transfer her to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries a few days later.

The Guyana Guardian understands that when the incident had occurred, and even while the woman was in hospital, no report was made to the police.

The cops were only informed about the incident after the woman had died.

They subsequently arrested the deceased woman’s husband on Tuesday while he was on his way to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

At the time, he did not seem too have known that his wife had died.

But after initially holding him for the maximum 72 hours’ time frame, this publication understands that the police subsequently secured permission from the High Court to continue to detain the murder suspect, for an additional 72 hours.

While relatives were reluctant to speak, many of them indicated that the couple did not share a good relationship with neither side of their family.

There were also indications that the woman had endured several years of abuse, which were never reported to the police.

Prior to her murder, the elderly couple were involved in the mobile vending of vegetables, but were said to be always involved in a fight.

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