Damian Marley Smoked Marijuana In Buckingham Palace!


One of the perks of being the son of the king or reggae music, not to mention, rich and famous in your own right, is the opportunity to visit places most people can only dream of.

Damian Marley got an opportunity to visit Buckingham palace and in the process he made the lyrics of the greatest reggae artist ever, Peter Tosh, come true.

In the song “Buck-in-Hamm Palace”, Tosh sung about smoking marijuana in the residence of the queen of England. Well, that is exactly what Damian Marley when he recently visit the palace.

Junior Gong said he took a bathroom break while walking through the palace and that’s when he light up and smoke his father’s favorite a sensimilla spliff.

“I was enjoying the tour of the palace when the Peter Tosh song just came to my wind. I had a little left over from the prior day show so I just lit it up and sing Peter’s tune while I smoke,” Damian told 18 Karat Reggae.

For who does not know that Peter Tosh’s song, take a listen:

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